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Zepto users soon will be getting some amazing updates

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We’re always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Zepto and lately, we’ve been quite busy!

Amid positive early reviews, Zepto will be soon launching its 3 new updates, an extensive upgrade that amplifies the scope…Our new release has some great updates that would enable to squash to make our user’s experience better. Let’s look at some of the recent features that you can use to maximize your experience with Zepto;

Enhanced Insights

Data Insights

One of the highlight features of Zepto was our Insights…With Zepto’s stories, users were able to identify valuable insights on their data with our integrated AI platform from Patterns to Anomalies with just a single click. With new enhancement to the insights, now the stories will be more timely with emphasis given on more recent trends and events in the dataset.

Advance Play Area

Create Dashboards

Zepto users were able to create charts and data visualizations by simply dragging and dropping the variables to create meaningful discoveries within seconds. Our play area just got even better with our cool new update with multiple field support where users will be able to analyze multiple measures simultaneously and see expanded drills.

Enhanced NLP

NLP Big Data

AI and Machine Learning in analytics is the new mantra for businesses because it gives them a decisive advantage while striving to achieve a varied range of business outcomes, higher customer satisfaction, productive applications, and efficient operations. We at Zepto were working tirelessly to bring these technologies into our product so that our users could analyze their data effortlessly and effectively. After months of coding and logics soon our users will be able to ask Zepto about what you need to know about your data just like you ask Siri or Google for anything.

dataset upload

In the meantime, our File Upload also just got better and smoother with Enhanced file upload feature where you can experience faster upload.

More to come!

We’ve been working hard on new and amazing features that will help Zepto users to have a productive day using the app. We’re always interested in feedback, so hit us up with your thoughts!

Meanwhile, keep in touch with us to get notified when our new features are released. We hope you’re able to create an efficient analysis that helps you to manage your workday well. Oh on an ending note make sure to sign up for a free account and try out our exciting features using your business data.