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Zepto generated over 1 million insights for Users across the globe on their Data-sets.

Zepto just hit a new milestone this month, in fact, a big one for a startup like us. We hit passed 1,000,000 insights generated for our users on their data. Now, this might not make any sense to you, so let me break this down and explain why this is an important milestone for Zepto and how our customers benefited out of it.

How does the Insight feature of Zepto help the customer?

Ok, rather me trying to explain you the feature and its process and bore you. Let me show how it exactly helped a client to identify insights and anomalies from their data using Zepto. A leading Indian E-commerce uploaded 2 years worth of sales data that were stored on an excel sheet, well the sheet itself was massive, numerous columns and thousands of rows with numbers. Although the E-commerce giant was using many data analytics tools prior to analyzing different types of data in order to generate insights and facts from their data, it was quite a daunting task as it still required time and also specialized knowledge. With Zepto all they did was just upload their data and clicked on insight feature, 100s of insights were ready for the user within minutes. They already knew some of the facts that were thrown to them but then there were more than they never knew about like,

*The sales in Maharastra was down on Wednesdays among the age group of 24–30,

*In metro cities, Logistic cost of the express delivery category of Mumbai and Pune during Mondays is extremely high

*Loyalty programs conduct on December for suburbs; highest contribution to the revenue had come from TamilNadu.

*Average inventory days of warehouses in Kerela is trending upward for the last 3 months.

Now that really made them go crazy, coz never ever did they have all these facts right up on their screen so quick. With all the tools they used, the user had to have a wide knowledge of data or experience in tech or hire a data scientist in order to transform all the data into meaningful information, which in turn consumed more time and money. In contrast with Zepto, all they needed to do is that just upload the data and click the insights in order to know every possible pattern of insight and were ready to help them make decisions within minutes.

We human no matter how good we are have our limitations, making business decisions on a day to day basis using data is not an exception. No matter how deep we analyze we definitely would miss out certain important factors from the data. A CEO or a CFO cannot afford to always run behind an analyst or a data scientist in order to clarify his data then make their decision, as the world is becoming more competitive and moving faster.

So why is it a big deal for Zepto?

Well, businesses have been pouring in more of their money into various tools and human resources in order to transform their raw data into meaningful information for decades. Data & Analytics were just buzzed terms for most of the businesses and luxury to a medium scale business, with the break-in of tech the amount of data businesses produced just multiplied 1000 times than ever. Yet only a few businesses are capable to reap the benefits out of it, for the rest it was just another buzz word. On the other hand, most BI and Analytical tools take the user on quite a complicated path. Too many features that are not relevant, settings, controls and distracts. None of them end up connecting well with the user nor helps them get the full potential of their data and we wanted to change this, we wanted to focus on what matters.

Zepto was able to produce more than a million insights from various databases of customers across different industries, with the users having no technical or advance knowledge in tech or data science. These insights helped companies to take prompt actions when and where necessary in time and all of these happened within a few hours. Now isn’t that what technology should be capable of? Deliver results to a business owner, not ask the business owners to train or hire another employee just to interpret him what his business data is telling.

This is just the first big milestone for Zepto, but there are more to come soon.