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Why Self-service Data Analytics important for you!

Self-service is quite a common term in our daily life, remember the time you had to go to the gas station and look for the opening hours, or checking in at the airport you’re used to be lining up in long queues and getting money from the bank means to be an opening hours at the bank counter. All these situations are long gone now because you’re used to fueling up your car by yourself anytime, checking in your boarding pass while driving by the taxi to the airport via your phone and getting money from the ATM in the middle of the night is nothing uncommon. The fact we need to get straight here is that its easy, flexible, super fast, affordable and has less miscommunication… These are the very reasons that self- service has become an important aspect of our day to day life.

But… has it completely taken over our daily deeds? Especially in the business aspects. Well, it has up to some extent, but not completely. Let’s take the data analytics part of a business, companies still invest millions on this specific task and its resources to get the right results the top executives require to make the right calls. Yet, how effective are they in terms of cost, time and the output? Ok, let take an example, let’s say you’re working on a new project, and your business executives are gathering the requirements from the client, then give it to the analysts to examine them, which of course gonna cost hefty then the analysts get back with their output after a while. Here the outcome might not be the exact scenario that you’d expected because it’s not always possible to transform your ideas or requirement 100% by any means.

Companies increasingly adopt self-service solutions is to address the challenge of business departments to have access to data and information anytime and anywhere. To keep ahead of the competition, companies need to act as quickly as possible on new insights gleaned from analytics. This definitely cannot be catered by the age-old BI methods hence the demand for self- service analytics is on the rise.

The self-service BI allows the ordinary business users to access and work with business data regardless of their knowledge and experience in data analysis, business intelligence (BI) or data mining. The catch here is that the SSBI allows end users to make decisions based on their own queries which in turn allows the company’s business intelligence and information technology (IT) teams focus on other tasks that will help the companies reach its goals.

Speaking of the tools for SSBI, Excel has been to champion for years in the field as it’s cheap it’s already available. Yet due to its complexity, error rate and other drawbacks, companies have shifted their focus to better tools. Take Zepto for instance, its a data analytics engine built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that automatically analyses & gives users numerous insights on the data that could have been missed, in a matter of seconds. The best part being is not a complex tool like the excel but a simple tool design from a user-centric approach which enables users with any skill level to easily perform analytics on his own (Truly Self-service).

With SSBI, analytics is no longer the rarified realm of data scientists. Today, business users have the ability to instantly discover important insights to rapidly take informed and data-driven actions when and where it’s required. To maximize competitiveness, companies have to adopt ways in which business users can effortlessly get the required information. So self-service BI describes a business intelligence environment in which business users can get profitable, right, and real-time information as easily as they get information by Googling. In other words, it has to be as intuitive and quick to get results as the common Internet search engine, what exactly Zepto does!