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What the real deal with Data!

Today we live in a world that’s totally and continuously connected, from a messaging app, support services, social networks to broadband service. We, humans, create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. OK, let me put it this way to make it more understandable, it’s more like stacking up 700,000 Blu ray discs filled with data up to the height of the Burj Khalifa every 10 minutes. Whatever!

The fact is that we humans create so much data on a daily basis… From a mobile phone, online purchase to a medical report or social media interaction, an average person in the present world leaves a digital trail behind him/her regardless of how active they are. Still, don’t believe me? OK, let’s look into a daily lifestyle of an average person who uses a smartphone and has access to the internet.

You wake in the morning, ask your Google Assistant for the day’s update, check your Facebook news-feed while having your breakfast, like the news share ‘ France wins Football World Cup’ then switch to Instagram check out some recent photos of your friends and like or comment on few of them. Then open your favorite news app or website look at the day’s update while you finish your meal then hit the road for work taking the Google Assistant’s advice on traffic report while playing your favorite playlist on Spotify. Head to work, use a variety of tools from Slack, Gmail, Trello, MS Office to do your work routine. By the lunchtime, watch something you like while having your meal on YouTube… Oh, your friend the other day told you about this 75% off sale on ASOS. So you make a purchase or two via the app then get back to work. By evening you hit the gym, play your workout playlist and check your Fit-bit before you start your work out. Get back to home, then get dressed and hit Johnny’s birthday party and end up taking loads of selfies and pictures which uploads auto to the ‘Photos app’ head back home half past 11, you just remembered that you need to watch the season finale of the Ozark on Netflix. Finally, you hit the bed… but right before you close your eyes, you ask your Google Assistant to set an alarm for tomorrow morning. Phew…

From a news-feed like on Facebook, heart to a pic on Instagram, message on slack, purchase on ASOS, to favorite playlist, usual work routes and likes and dislikes for entertainment and lifestyle, a single person connected to the digital world leaves back enough footprint to stack up that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. I think the above paragraph has evidently proved how much important data is. It clearly shows how much information a single person produce on a daily basis and how many businesses are involved with that person. This, in turn, shows how valuable is this information for businesses.

Having realized the value of data, new ways to gather data and new metrics to track… means that businesses globally are preparing to enter a new world of data. Businesses are going to demand more ways to track and report this data. Then they are going to want to find ways to leverage maximum out of the data and benefit in order to advertise, produce better products and also understand behaviors etc. Of Course, there’s a concern for privacy, but let’s keep that for another day since that topic deserves a separate story. Perhaps the biggest leap in the arena of data is that now the show doesn’t just belong to the big boys in business with large amounts of resources, but also the small businesses.

Leave the businesses aside, imagine the difference we could make in our lives. Predict disaster, prevent epidemics, improve children’s education process, decide on spending capacities, reduce crime rates etc. benefits are tremendous.

But how far are we in making it into reality?

It’s up to ‘time’ to answer the question, as for now, we humans have just barely scratched the surface of data.