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From a Founders perspective: ZEPTO’s journey to aid decision making for SMB’s

I run a sector agnostic structured fund that invests across Private Equity, Listed Equity, Real Estate, Start-ups etc. Most of my company’s decisions were based on my opinion and almost all the analysis was carried out on Microsoft Excel 😀

It was at this time that I realized the value of available data and the need to use it to our benefit. I had two options in mind: Using an available tool in the market or hiring a data scientist. The latter didn’t seem like the most practical option in terms of time and money especially for an SMB!

So, we went ahead with trying the first option. You might have used some of the analytics tools in the market like Power BI and Tableau — we tried them all. Each tool has its own USP, however some of the challenges we faced are:

· Analytics tools in the market are way too complex for a non- technical person to use

· You need at least one person in the team who is equipped/ trained to use the tool effectively

· Cost to install is very high and is only suitable for enterprise business’

· IT team support is required for appropriate usage

To be fair, these tools have some great features! However, for a start-up we wanted something simple, clean and easy to use without the overhead of having trained analytics professionals, infrastructure teams and support teams.

So, in parallel I decided to build a simple analytics tool for small and medium business’ in the financial services industry 😀

ZEPTO’ is an AI powered analytics tool, which literally means a factor of 10^-21. Our main aim with Zepto is to ensure that you can delve into the depths of your data and make business decisions based on facts and figures and not just opinions!


  1. A simple high-performance tool which is able to crunch data within seconds
  2. Clean and beautiful UI which is easy to use
  3. Creating charts and visualizations by simply dragging and dropping variables
  4. AI powered advanced forecasting

It’s been a year since we released the first version of ZEPTO and we’ve made a lot of changes along the way

Let’s have a quick walkthrough of the product to get a better understanding



GENERATING CUSTOM AND QUICK INSIGHTS FROM THE DATA: You can generate quick & actionable insights in the form of Charts & Stories. ZEPTO’s AI engine statistically analyses the data and ranks it based on its impact to the measures.


PLAY AREA:You can effortlessly visualize your data with simple drag & drop features. Further, we have a powerful single click forecasting feature to predict future values by determining seasonal trends.


COLLABORATIVE FEATURES: You can share dashboards, charts and datasets with another user through the platform.

DASHBOARD:Charts created in the Play Area can be published to the dashboard. Each user can monitor up to 30 KPI’s in a dashboard.


There is a long way to go but we are grateful for the support from our initial clients and peers in the industry! We are in the process of continuously developing additional useful features like Consulting BOT, What -If Analysis, Storybook, Data connectors and proactive alerts. We are working hard each day to give our users the most simplistic and delightful experience in using an Analytics platform!

Apurva Udeshi – Founder Zepto